Your questions answered​

Frequently Asked Questions​

If after your living expenses from your net salary, you have less money left over than that of your installments on your debt then you may apply for Debt Review.

We consider your monthly income as well as your living expenses. A recommendation is then made on the amount you can reasonably afford each month.

We can include; Home Loans, Vehicle Finance, Credit Cards, Store accounts, Personal loans, Overdrafts and Micro-loans.
We do not cover Doctors fees, Insurance Premiums, School fees etc.

You may choose any date which is suitable for you within 30 days of enrolment in the process.

No. You need a monthly income in order for us to propose a reduced debt repayment plan to your Credit Providers.

The debt review process as such is not classified as a credit agreement and you will therefore able to rent a property. In fact, we will make provision for your rent expenditure in your debt restructuring budget and can provide the agent or lessor with a letter that confirms that you are in a position to pay your monthly rental.